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Our Story

Purelankan was established in 2014 with the sole purpose of bringing a platform for Sri Lankans to enjoy ebooks by Sri Lankan authors. The platform facilitates all main languages in Sri Lanka, namely English, Sinhala and Tamil.

Lahiru and Chathurani are its current founders, both expatriates in Singapore. The inspiration behind the business came about when Lahiru realised the amount of books he would carry to Singapore after visiting Sri Lanka. As any true Sri Lankan, his luggage would be bursting at the seams with vacuum packed Lankan delicacies and tea, and it was a frequent struggle trying to decide which he would feed, the mind or the body. And since he would often bring back books for other Sri Lankans living in Singapore, he would often wonder if there is a better way around it.

One day, he confided in his long time partner, Chathurani, on whether it is feasible a business. Two years later, Purelankan was launched.


  • Integrity – we work with our stakeholders with the highest degree of integrity
  • Value – we aim to deliver content at reasonable costs
  • Timely – we deliver our products and services, as well as respond to any inquiries within a reasonable time frame
  • Inclusive – we operate in a way that is respectable and responsible

Mission Statement

Purelankan targets to be the go-to website for Sri Lankan ebooks by 2020.


To be the digital archive of Sri Lankan culture

The Founders

Lahiru Wickremasinghe, an Anandian, has a background in Electrical Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire and is currently working in Singapore. Before moving to Singapore for further studies, he was the Assistant Band Leader of the famed Ananda College Senior Brass Band and captained the school chess team. His interests include keeping up with Sri Lankan politics and watching cricket.

Chathurani Abeyratne has a background in Business, majoring in Marketing and Communications. She completed her Masters from the University of Melbourne and Bachelors from the National University of Singapore. She has experience in consulting and maintains a Youtube channel during her free time. Her other interests include playing Floorball and, videography.