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Our Extraterrestrial Neighbors

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Author: Shelton Ranasinghe


This is truly a unique science fiction novel. The science fiction part develops from an unlikely possibility that one starts initially protesting about but finding as one goes along, a scenario that seems to get more and more plausible. As the story unfolds it seems to settle down into a narrative that belies no indication of where it is leading to or how it will end. With the passing of the halfway mark, a deviation from the stereotype science fiction story is seen, a new and intriguing thread emerges along with a quickening of pace. The story gradually moves out into totally uncharted territory as a new aspect seamlessly enters, asserts its dominance and finally delivers the somewhat unexpected and poignant message or is it warning? Lesson?

Shelton Ranasinghe

Shelton Ranasinghe

Author : Shelton Ranasinghe

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Shelton Ranasinghe


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